The retro air jordan 11 sneakers was released in 1996

The retro mens air jordan 11 was released in 1996,that is the most classic in the sneakers.Michael Jordan has repeatedly expressed his love for Jordan 11 shoes in public.

The Air Jordan 11 velvet heiress black has a high popularity in the sneakers.Classic design, exquisite retro patent leather upper, making the Air Jordan11 shoes a essential sneakers.The Air Jordan 11 shoes are covered by black,grey and white in the upper,that is with unique layered.And the shoe heel is also printed a delicate Jordan logo.This pair of classic and innovative AJ 11 sneakers not only has a modern sense of fashion but also can handle different occasions.

The classic Jordan 11 shoes has return to the public.This innovative replica version uses high grade leather to make a high-top design, and the heel-stitched print logo forms a rich whole. The Low version has excellent breathability and lightness,make a comfortable and stylish look.